Angel Number



Is a message from your angels that you are to have faith in yourself and your angels as they are encouraging and supporting you in your spiritual endeavors. Trust that you have all the skills and abilities required to fulfill your Divine soul mission and life purpose, so be prepared to serve others with humility and heart.


Angel Number 29 is a message to have faith and trust in your intuitive and impressions as these messages and promptings are urging you towards and along your Divine life path and soul mission. Take decisive action in the direction of your intuitive and angelic guidance, and look to ways of achieving small goals daily to reach your spiritual potential.


Angel Number 29 is a message that you are to take decisive action in the direction of your Divine life path and purpose as your natural lightworking abilities are much needed by others and the world as a whole. Trust that you have all the tools and talents you need to fulfill your destiny soul mission. 


Angel Number 29 may also be indicating that if you are inclined to pursue a spiritually-based practice, career and/or profession, now is a most auspicious time to begin. It is time to accept and develop your spiritual gifts and use them to benefit yourself and others in a lightworking capacity.


Angel Number 29 also suggests that if you have ‘lost’ something of late, your angels are indicating that the Universe is manifesting something positive for you to take its’ place. This may also relate to a situation or circumstance that may be coming to an end. Trust that a beautiful new beginning and/or direction is indicated for you.